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Sunday Messages

Check back each week to watch the message from our Sunday worship services.

  1. Grace Anatomy | Stone | 03-09

    If there’s one thing common to the human experience, it’s this: we all have needed a second chance at one time or another. Grace is the key we need to unlock your “second chance.” Today, hear of the grace Jesus offers when a second chance was needed, so when you need it, you know right where to go.

  2. Grace Anatomy | Bread | 03-02

    No doubt about it, we live in a busy place. And it can be pretty complicated, too. It makes jotting down a priority checklist difficult. We wonder if there might be a better way to navigate life. In the end, we all want a dose of simplicity. Today we will unpack a grace-filled response that Jesus had to a really significant question, which will help you with that checklist.

  3. Grace Anatomy | Basket | 02-23

    Isn’t it funny how sometimes we think that our success depends solely on education, skill level, social status, etc.? Well, that is not necessarily true. We will see today how God can and will use you no matter what you think about yourself or your own resources. That’s another way His grace covers us. Get ready, because He has a plan. And that plan includes YOU!

  4. Grace Anatomy | Well | 02-16

    All of us are driven by a desire for value and relationships. The void created when those needs aren’t met cause in us an emptiness that we crave to fill...somehow. That’s where we often get tripped up. That’s also where grace steps in. Today we will see how the grace Jesus demonstrates goes straight to the deeper places.

  5. Grace Anatomy | Globe | 02-09

    There is something bigger out there. It’s not just about us. But it’s pretty amazing that at the same time Jesus talks about grace being as big as the world, he spent time explaining it to an individual. And that changed his life. We will see today that grace will not only change us, but it can change the whole world!

  6. Grace Anatomy | Dove | 02-02

    Grace received, grace extended. In a nutshell, that is who we are, or at least should be. Grace makes all the difference in all our relationships, starting with our relationship with God. It's part of what our make-up should be, hence "Grace Anatomy." So we begin the series today as we follow the life of Jesus as he extended grace to others because one thing is for sure, we can't go wrong following Jesus.