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Sunday Messages

Check back each week to watch the message from our Sunday worship services.

  1. Doctrine | The Son | 06-29

    When we look at two beams of wood attached to each other, standing tall in the form of a cross, we are pointed to a Person. And whether it's a crucifix with a bleeding image or our Savior, reminding us of the sacrifice or an empty cross, reminding us of His finished work, we are pointed toward heaven.

  2. Doctrine | The Father | 06-22

    People can easily tell you what they believe (especially about God) but not always why. It's important that everyone understands the why so that they can grasp why it matters. Today we begin our summer series “Is There a Doctrine in the House?” with the goal that everyone at Christ Community Church can do just that - tell others what we believe AND why it matters.

  3. Father's Day 2014 | 06-15

    This morning we have the privilege to hear from Jack Crans, founder of County Corrections Gospel Mission, as he shares the “Blessings of a God Fearing Man.” On this Father's Day, we join in celebration of our fathers and father figures who have blessed us. If you are a dad, don’t forget to pick up a Father’s Day gift on your way out! (Don't worry, it’s not a tie.)

  4. The Good Life | Time | 06-08

    "Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend." ~ Theophrastus

    That said, it would do us well to make sure we make the most of it. All of us have twenty-four hours every day. The question is, what is the best use of this valuable commodity? Listen today and be encouraged that we can make every minute count!

  5. The Good Life | Treasure | 06-01

    God is a giver. It is what He does, and continues to do. We must all admit that we are blessed beyond what we deserve. So, if everything we have has been given to us by God, what should we do with it? Living the "good life" has everything to do with being good stewards of what He has given, with an eye toward others. Today, we will look at our money and possessions and make sense of why we were given what we have.

  6. The Good Life | Toil | 05-25

    Living a life of generosity includes serving others through the use of our talents, toil, treasure and time. Last week we considered how when we use our spiritual gifts and talents, we are actually worshipping God. Today we'll see that our work (toil) also matters to God. Similar to using our talents, when we work, we are worshipping God!