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Sunday Messages

Check back each week to watch the message from our Sunday worship services.

  1. Gift Exchange | Week 3 | 12-21

    This time of year, more than any other, we catch glimpses of how much God has done for us. The manger scene can do that. The Gift of His Son, so amazing and necessary, calls us to ask a question: Is there anything I can give to Him? As we unpack the story of the wise men, we will find the answer.

  2. Gift Exchange | Week 2 | 12-14

    When the time was right, God would introduce the promised Messiah into our world; a living breathing human being, yet the Son of God. In His miraculous plan, Mary was the chosen instrument to do that. She would bear the Gift, and also receive many other gifts from God on this incredible, yet difficult journey. We hope you will see God as a Gift-Giver as a result of worshipping with us today.

  3. Gift Exchange | Week 1 | 12-07

    Just like there are times in our lives when hopelessness seems to thrive, the Israelite people of long ago often felt the same. Their answer was an anticipated Messiah, who would bring back the only hope that lasts: hope in The Lord God of heaven and earth. Today we will look at a prophecy of the coming Christ on this first Sunday of December, one that points to and offers the same hope that we, too, need.

  4. Giving Thanks | 11-30

    We are so glad you joined us today. After a week of preparing a wonderful meal and sharing it with loved ones, we come together this day to prepare our hearts and share a few stories. The scriptures say, "It is good to give thanks!" We are devoting this whole service to do just that. God has blessed us beyond measure! As we worship and open His Word, may you open your hearts in gratitude to the One who deserves all of it!

  5. The Fruitful Life | Part 3 | 11-16

    It's one thing to talk about ideas, completely another to make plans. Clarity can be a very freeing thing. We have been talking about 'abiding' the last two weeks. Today, we get a few specifics from Jesus on what that looks like. Don't be surprised, however, when you realize that it all comes down to something very familiar!

  6. The Fruitful Life | Part 2 | 11-09

    Two questions people often ask are, "Why am I here?" and "Does God really notice me?" If you have ever wondered about these two questions, you will certainly be encouraged when you hear the answers. You will see that the answer to these questions will change how and why you live your life here on earth. And that's when amazing things start to happen!