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Sunday Messages

Check back each week to watch the message from our Sunday worship services.

  1. Summer Serve | Bodybuilding | 06-07-15

    We are blessed to have a church with programs and events that reach out to a wide range of people and meet a wide range of needs. What most people don’t know is that it takes hundreds of volunteers to do it! We see that as a privilege. Serving our body gives us the opportunity to build into others, that they may live to serve God.

  2. Summer SERVE Kickoff

    Billy Burch kicks off our 2015 Summer SERVE initiative. See for more information.

  3. Gather. Engage. Serve. | Serve Part 2 | 05-24-15

    There is no question how important it is to serve others. Admit it – it meant something when you last served another, just like it meant something when someone last served you. The Apostle Peter had to learn first hand how to serve... through love. Today we’ll learn how our commitment to love others makes us available for God to use – and we are all usable!

  4. Gather. Engage. Serve. | Serve Part 1 | 05-17-15

    In our faith and life, we can always benefit from looking to Jesus; His words, His example, His life. But we should do more than look... we should live our lives just as Jesus lived His! Jesus teaches that when we SERVE others, we SERVE Christ. That’s what he taught the disciples and it turned their world upside down. Are you willing to let Him turn your world upside down as you SERVE?

  5. Mother's Day 2015 | 05-10-15

    Mothers are incredibly special people with an incredibly sacred calling. We are going to take a look at the Scriptures and give a clear delineation of what a mother should be, above all else. Even if you are not a mom, you can readily apply these principles and make a lasting, memorable change in the lives of those younger than you.

  6. Gather. Engage. Serve. | Engage Part 4 | 05-03-15

    All of us want to make a difference in the world we live in. We are hard wired to make a difference in the lives of those we ENGAGE with. But have you thought about making a difference for eternity? Listen today as one man describes how he was called to do just that: make a difference for eternity every day, no matter where God places him and then learn how we can start to do the same.