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Sunday Messages

Check back each week to watch the message from our Sunday worship services.

  1. Gather. Engage. Serve. | Intro | 03-08-15

    Every organization needs a reason for existing. We call that purpose. If someone asked you what the purpose of our church is, how would you answer? I think many of us have a basic idea, but how powerful would it be if we all understood it clearly and could say it concisely? We hope to establish that today and build on our purpose in the upcoming weeks.

  2. Connect | Week 2 | 03-01-15

    This morning, we close out our weekend-long Gobal/Local Event, CONNECT ‘15. Thank you to everyone who made the past 2 days a very special time of connection, learning, praise and worship. Today we will hear from another one of our partners. Our prayer is that you will be reminded that, as Christ-followers, all of us are indeed “Blessed to be a Blessing!”

  3. Connect | Week 1 | 02-22-15

    CONNECT’15 kicks off this Friday! As you may know, every other year we hold a church-wide missions event for the purpose of awareness, involvement and relationship building between the members of our congregation and the ministry partners whom we support. Our commitment to reaching those globally and locally for the gospel comes out in our theme this year: “Blessed to Be a Blessing.”

    To help get us ready for CONNECT, we’ve invited Dr. Darrell Whiteman to teach today. He comes to us from Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky. We hope you walk away excited about this coming weekend and also encouraged as you realize that God does bless us so that we become a blessing to others!

  4. Newsongs | Week 5 | 02-15-15

    All of us know that what we believe effects everything. But it’s not enough to simply know what we believe. We have to know why we believe it. Today, we take a look at a passage that the first century church used to ground themselves in what they believed and why they believed it. We hope this passage will have the same effect on you.

  5. David & Erika Akers | 02-08-15

    Today we welcome David and Erika Akers! Most of you know David from his twelve seasons as the kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles. He has played more games in an Eagles uniform than anyone ever (188) and is the franchises all-time leading scorer (1,323). What you may not know about David is his amazing life story of adversity, and how his faith in Jesus has sustained and strengthened him. Today the Akers will share how God has a plan for us all.

  6. Newsongs | Week 4 | 02-01-15

    Doesn’t it seem like we run into something difficult almost every day? We wish it weren’t so. No one in their right mind ever said life was going to be easy. But God has something to say about hard times, whatever they may look like. He says, “Keep going...” Today we will look at a hymn in the New Testament which motivates us to faithfully endure, and that there is something for us at the other end.